The Sprawl Club

Look, I don't even know where we left things. Let us pretend that this is Issue √2, and take it from there. Right! How are you, friends? It's been a minute, eh? I've been neglecting this space, that's true. However! To show that I truly, really appreciate the 7.3 billion of who read this thing, I will commit right here and now to writing more often. Also, for those who don't know, I have another fucking blog because I cannot stop collecting domain names. This one is more tEcNiCaL, and it's more of a blog in the classic sense of the “web log”: me writing shit and publishing because I just know I will forget how I did XYZ 3 weeks ago. It's fediverse'd just like this one, meaning you can follow along via Mastodon. Or you can just use your RSS reader. Or you can subscribe via email.

Cool! Hey! If you happen to go to THOTCON on 5/19, I'll have some Sprawl Club stickers for you. Maybe some Cola Gang Industries stickers, too. We'll see. But, speaking of RSS readers, Feedly. What a shit show.


Hear, ye!

Is the third time a charm? Well, I'll have you know that I do believe it is.

There and back again. Again.

For reals, peeps. We ARE back now. Promise!

A little song of the week? Sure. Why not?

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